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Artist for Life

About the Artist

I am Keri and I have always loved art. A gift from God was given to me as a child with the imagination and creativity to bring life to my dreams. It has proven to be through the years a pathway of natural healing. It brings joy to my heart to have others get enjoyment from my Pour Art.


Evolv makes various styles of pouring art on canvas. Each painting is unique and thought out to fit the style of the customer. Keri uses all sizes of canvas.


Keri makes one-of-a-kind accessories using the pouring art method. These jewelry pieces are perfect for gifts! We are currently selling necklaces, each one has a different style.

String Art

Evolv’s string art is different from our pouring art. This is a different way you could decorate your walls. Keri’s creative mind brought her to create string pull art.

Keri's Picks

Questions About the Art?

If you have any questions about the art before purchasing, I am more than happy to answer your questions through email or phone. Thank you for supporting my art!