Pour Art Classes

Class in my Art Studio

Pour Art Classes

Would you like to learn the Art of Pouring? Come join me in my art studio, watch on YouTube or Live Online classes. You will pick your colors and I will show you how to pour your own creative masterpiece.
The cost of the classes will include the class plus art supplies.

email me at info@evolvpourart.com
to find out costs on different classes and set up your private class

Class In My Art Studio

Come to my art studio in Aurora, Colorado for a class on Pour Art. Come alone, couples, family or small group. I will be looking forward to meeting you! Call me to set up a time.

Live Pour Art Classes

You can sign up for a private, family or group Pour Art Class. You can choose from Acrylic or Resin Canvases. Create Geodes, Boards, Tables or Trays with  matching Coasters. Learn how to use pour over colors to create your own Jewelry. Pick your colors and what you want to do and I will send you all the materials before our scheduled class. You better find a place that you can make a mess because you will have too much fun.

Watch On YouTube

I have “How to” videos on YouTube that you can watch. You can call me for supplies. Just figure out the colors and size for your pour art project.

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Questions About the Art?

If you have any questions about the art before purchasing, I am more than happy to answer your questions through email or phone. Thank you for supporting my art!

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